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Dug's Seasonal Tips

Dear Fellow Gardener

Firstly let us start off with wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2018 both in life and gardening. With the Christmas and New Year festivities now behind us it's time to start planning and preparing for a new gardening year.

This Winter has seen several arctic blasts sweeping across the UK, bringing with them frost, snow and ice. Over time soil has become saturated and essential nutrients washed away. To replenish these lost nutrients and get your soil back into tip top condition ready for the Spring we are bringing you a special New Year Offer - For every 5 sacks you order we are giving you a 6th sack of your choice free of charge! OR for smaller orders of less than 5 sacks deduct 10% from your order total!

Like many a gardener, our thoughts are starting to turn towards gardening strategies; what we plan to sow and grow and how we are going to use our outdoor space. To some it's a children's play area and to others an entertaining space. Unlike a room in your house it can't be made pretty with paint and paper - instead colour and texture are achieved by what you plant and the success of your planting starts firstly with the quality of your soil. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our exclusive offer!

Whilst the soil is bare, increase fertility and replenish lost nutrients with a liberal dose of Super Dug Extra – with an N:P:K analysis of 4:4:4 it is an excellent 100% balanced and organic fertiliser, and from your feedback has been producing some amazing results.

Where the soil structure needs improving apply a generous helping of Traditional Compost to help lock in nutrients. Rich in organic matter, it can also be used as a mulch to protect plants from the extremes of the British weather.

Apply Spring Green – a temperature controlled, slow release conditioner rich in nitrogen, it is ideal for giving your leafy green plants a good start. With added iron sulphate it is the perfect year round tonic for your lawns – feeding the lawn and suppressing moss and broad leaf weeds.

For all your seeding and potting requirements, stock up with Derek Owen's All Purpose Compost. Now a Ḁrm favourite in every garden, it can be used direct from the bag in pots and trays.

Finally add a sack or two of Autumn Goldready to mulch your ericaceous and heavy flowering and fruiting plants. High in potash it really does give them a boost.

Get your order in now and get Dug In! This very special offer is only valid until 28th February 2018. If ordering online please ensure you add any free sacks that you are eligible for and for all orders (including the 10% oἀer) we will adjust the price accordingly before taking payment.

Happy Gardening

Derek and Meirion Owen

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