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Good Gardeners Garden in the Autumn - NEXT YEAR'S GARDENING SUCCESS BEGINS HERE!

With a good combination of rain and sunshine, our garden has really taken off this Summer. As the seasons begin to change, Autumn's arrival signifies one of the busiest times in the gardening year. As soon as the last flower has bloomed and the last of the edibles picked, preparation for next year begins in earnest. The big garden clear up will get underway - clearing out the decaying vegetation of the Summer and adding nutrients back into the soil to nurture the garden for the Winter months ahead and provide an early start to Spring 2018. In order to help you get the most out of your garden, and give you an incentive to be prepared, we are offering a £1.00 per item discount on all mixed orders until 31st October 2017.

Dear Fellow Gardener

As we sit and write our Autumn Letter it is fair to say that the weather on the most part has been on our side, and from looking at the long range forecast it seems that an average Winter is being predicted - so snow shovels and sun hats should all be close to hand. As the British weather is so unpredictable it is best to be prepared no matter what happens! By mulching and applying Super Dug Extra to your growing areas your garden will be ready regardless of whether we are faced with an Indian Summer or an Arctic blast! For now as we continue to enjoy our garden, thoughts begin to turn towards the jobs that need to be completed before Winter takes hold. Over the coming months, it is important that we spend time putting our garden to bed to ensure it survives whatever the Winter throws at it. In doing so, now is the time to prune and cutback where required, clear and mulch beds and borders, and plant Spring bulbs.

Replenishing the soil structure and balance, which has been depleted over the Summer, is also an important task in preparing for a new gardening year. This is where our unique products come into their own, manufactured using the best quality ingredients and designed to be used both in their own right and alongside one another in order to produce optimum results in every corner of your garden.

To make the most of our Autumn Pick 'n' Mix offer, we hope a timely reminder as to the benefits of using our garden products might be welcome and with the added incentive of a £1 per item discount on all mixed orders (includes compost, tools, gloves, bird feeders etc.) we hope you will join us in implementing a multi stage gardening strategy, that is perfectly suited to this time of year:

Take advantage of our Autumn Pick 'n' Mix Offer and save £1 on every item ordered when combining at least 2 different products. Mix your compost order to help prepare your garden for Winter and meet your gardening needs or replace any lost or damaged items from our selection of hard wearing quality tools and clothing which we have tried and tested over the years. For example order 1 Super Dug Extra and 1 Traditional Compost and deduct £2 from the £36 total. The offer can also be combined with gardening tools, bird feeders and gloves etc. For example order 5 Traditional Compost, 5 Super Dug Extra and a set of pruners and deduct £11 from the £170.00 total.

As always we like to provide you with some history on our products as well as further tips and benefits.

Super Dug Extra is superb and no garden should be without it. Super Dug began life over 50 years ago and came in to our company on the retirement of its owners – Mr and Mrs Alexander. Manufactured from poultry manure it owes it's success to our patented nutrient balancing process which corrects the centuries old problem of the inherent fertilizer imbalance in such manures – lots of nitrogen but too little potash and phosphate. Like many great ideas this process proved so simple that one wonders why no one had thought of it before. In it the manure is divided into two streams one of which is burnt producing ash, while the other is dried, using the heat generated by the burning process. The ash residue high in phosphates and potash is then mixed into the original dried material to produce a quite unique product with a balanced analysis.

Supplied in large 25kg, 75 litre sacks, every sack of Super Dug Extra starts life as 100kg of raw material and although the technology is difficult and expensive, the final product and the results it produces are worth it – That is why Super Dug is now Super Dug Extra!

Ideal for clay or very sandy soil, our Traditional Compost has become a gardening legend and gets regular plaudits in the press and from customers alike. First prepared over 80 years ago by Mr James Cutting in Stamford, Lincolnshire it is still made in the same painstaking manner as old Mr Cutting (now long deceased) did. With its unique blend of organic matter, soil improvers and organic fertilizers its benefits are being enjoyed by third and fourth generations of gardeners.

Spring Green Compost is based on a Victorian recipe but with modern technical advances. It is a combination of predominantly nitrogen fertilizers together with iron and other growth promotors incorporated in a finely milled black humus rich organic compost base. Because modern technology enables fertilizers to release according to temperature Spring Green can be applied at any time and the nutrients will become available exactly as required i.e. as the soil warms up and plant growth begins. Acting as a Spring tonic for the whole garden, it is also ideal for year round use on lawns where it has frequently proved its value by keeping them green despite the hot weather. Don't forget to use it as an end of season dressing on your lawn, mix it with a bit of seed to cover any bare patches. With the added iron sulphate moss and broad leaf weeds are also kept at bay.

Use Autumn Gold Compost to protect your plants from sudden early frosts and to extend their growing period and as mentioned earlier as an overwinter dressing for lawns. Made employing the latest technology but still using many of the ingredients that were used by the Victorians and which remain redolent of another age, it is formulated from light coloured young humus, composted manures and a high potash fertilizer. We have also found that adding a 1lb bag of sugar to a sack of Autumn Gold and mixing well helps to promote bacterial action and lifts the temperature at root level further whilst the potash utilizes this to enhance flowering for up to four weeks longer than usual. Similar techniques were also used in the great pineapple growing houses of the 19th century. Its slightly acid nature (pH 6) means it is also ideal to use on lime hating species such as rhododendrons.

Finally one product that gives us particular pride is our Derek Owen's All Purpose Compost. We say this because it is the one product in our range that has direct competition with products in the DIY sheds and yet despite this it's outstanding quality continues to see sales grow year after year. Feedback shows that many customers have tried the cheaper alternatives but they return to our commercial grower standard All Purpose Compost due to poor results and disappointment with other products. When you invest so much time and money on seeds and plants it is a false economy to use anything but the best growing compost. Your plants will thank you for it and will reward you over time.

We hope this letter has kept the right balance of both background and technical information. What we have tried to do is explain all the wonderful – but very different – products we produce, and tell you how they can be used together to bring out the best in your garden, ensuring you are fully prepared with all your gardening essentials. By taking advantage of our Autumn Pick 'n' Mix Offer, you will also save £1 on every item on all orders containing at least two different products. With free delivery direct to your garden it saves you unnecessary hassle and mess. Offer expires 31st October 2017.

A personalised Order Form and Reply Envelope are enclosed. Please do let us have your telephone number in case we need to contact you – and for directions if you are hard to find!

Happy Gardening

Derek and Meirion Owen

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