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Derek Owen’s All Purpose Compost - Usage Instructions

All Purpose Compost

Specially formulated by Dr Derek Owen an expert in plant nutrition and the chemistry of growing mediums. Originally developed for commercial growers Derek Owen’s All Purpose Compost has been used by numerous councils including winners of the Britain in Bloom competition


Fill seed trays with loosely with compost and tap trays to level and settle, do not firm compost down. Plant seeds and keep moist and warm. No feeding is required.

Seedlings and Cuttings

Fill trays and strike off level. Tap a few times to firm compost. Make a hole in the centre to accommodate seedling with a pencil. Gently firm compost around roots and stem. No feeding is necessary.

Potting and Potting On

Add to cartOnce Seedlings are well-established plant out or pot on to larger pots. Larger pots filled with Derek Owen’s All Purpose compost lightly sprinkled with Super Dug Extra will give them a superb start. Use Super Dug Extra to feed in either solid or liquid form.

Good Gardening with Cuttings Compost