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Cuttings Autumn Gold Usage Instructions

Autumn GoldCuttings Autumn Gold is a fine blend of Stable manures, hops, a sprinkle of peat, and organic long life fertilizer. High in Humus and sugars it will prolong the growing season and raise the soil temperature over the winter, promoting a longer growing season and earlier spring growth.

Flowers and Shrubs

Top Dress beds at a generous rate of 6-10 pints per square yard, and lightly work into the top 2 inches of soil. Apply as mulch at ½ to 1 inch around individual plants.

Lime Hating Ericatious Plants

Cutting’s Autumn Gold is slightly acidic and is suitable for Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, and Ericas. Apply as for all other flowers and shrubs.

Clay Breaking and Soil Conditioning

Add to cartIn the autumn apply generously at 4 to 8 pints per square yard dig in well and lightly dress again at 1 to 2 pints per square yard. Cuttings Autumn Gold Compost will break down the clay, improve soil condition, and massively boost humus content. When used as mulch it will improve frost protection and promote early spring growth.

1 pint is roughly equal to a double handful

Good Gardening with Cuttings Compost