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Cuttings Spring Green - Usage Instructions

Spring GreenCuttings Spring Green is a fine blend of stable manures, peat, Cornish granite sand, iron, and high nitrogen fertilizers. Promotes early spring growth and the high nitrogen content greens up all foliage.

Flowers and Shrubs

Top Dress beds at a generous rate of 6-10 pints per square yard, and lightly work into the top 2 inches of soil. Apply as mulch at ½ to 1 inch around individual plants.


The high nitrogen content and sand make this the ideal Add to cartlawn dressing, apply at 2 to 4 pints per square yard and rake or brush into the lawn surface. The nitrogen feeds the lawn, the sand improves structure and the iron acts as a natural organic moss suppressant and broad leaf weed killer. Apply 2 to 3 times a year throughout growing season April to October.

1 pint is roughly equal to a double handful

Good Gardening with Cuttings Compost