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Cuttings Traditional Compost - Usage Instructions

Traditional compost

Cuttings Traditional Compost is a fine blend of stable manures, spent mushroom compost, a sprinkle of peat, and organic fertilizer. High in humus it should be used as an organic fertilizer or as a soil improver NOT as seed or potting compost.

Flowers and Shrubs

Throughout the growing season from March to October sprinkle around flowers and shrubs at 2 to 4 pints per square yard.

Tree Planting

Mix Cuttings Traditional Compost with an equal amount of soil and incorporate around and below the tree.


After planting dress bushes at 2 to 4 pints per square yard for established plants dress at 1 to 2 pints per square yard.

Clay Breaking and Soil Conditioning

Add to cartIn the autumn or before growing season apply generously at 2 to 4 pints per square yard dig in well and lightly dress again at 1 to 2 pints per square yard. Cuttings Traditional Compost will break down the clay improve soil condition, massively boost humus content, improve drainage and moisture retention.

Good Gardening with Cuttings Compost