Spring Green


Cutting’s Spring Green is a unique blend of high Nitrogen Fertilizers, Iron and Cornish Granite sand all blended into a finely milled black humus rich organic compost base. Because modern technologies enables fertilizers to release according to temperature Spring Green can be applied at any time and the nutrients will become available exactly as required i.e. as the soil warms up and plant growth begins.

Primarily designed for use on lawns it is also a useful product where it is necessary to dramatically increase nitrogen in the soil and with the added iron sulphate moss and broad leaf weeds are also kept at bay.

Supplied in 60 litre sacks

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  • 1 sack – £29.00
  • 2 sacks – £27.00 each
  • 3-5 sacks – £23.00 each
  • 6-9 sacks – £21.00 each
  • 10-19 sacks – £19.50 each
  • 20-39 sacks – £17.00 each
  • 40 sacks+ – £15.00 each